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Fuck Yeah Lame Superheroes

Dedicated to providing you with your daily dose of useless, eccentric, poorly-costumed, or otherwise lame superheroes. Because it's fun to belittle the supernatural.
This blog is maintained (kind of) by Lizette and Malina. We like lame superheroes.

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Nov 22 '11

Who is He?

This is the infamous Bouncing Boy. He is a boy, and he bounces. And he is not naturally that bulbous.Actually, I lie. He’s still pretty damn fat. He belongs to the Legion of lameSuperheroes. On earth, he is known as Chuck Taine. 

Powers and Abilities:

He can inflate into a giant ball and is impervious to electrical attacks. Yeah, that’s about it. Pretty useless unless you’re going to battle Pikachu or something. 

Why He’s Lame:

Well, if his superpowers weren’t enough to convince you, he’s still pretty lame outside of it. He got his powers from drinking soda pop that turned out to be some super secret formula to become rubber-like. ALL HE DOES IS TURN INTO RUBBER, it is completely useless. Plus, his costume reminds me of Aquaman’s costume. So, there’s that. 


This hero is beyond lame. All he does is bounce. He’d probably be more useful as the Incredible Hulk’s condom. After all, he is rubber.